There are many ways of shooting from the sky and we can offer you all of these. Understanding what is different about each will help you choose;

  • Helicopters are expensive, usually in the region of R4 000 per hour and upwards, but are not always available in different regions of the country, or are very expensive to get there. Pilots generally are not allowed to fly below 200m above ground level (AGL) and dont like to either. You have to book, and pay for them, well in advance regardless of what the weather conditions may be at the time when you want to shoot. Helicopters are able to move around a location very quickly and at much higher levels than RC aircraft, so if you are shooting over a large area a helicopter can cover this quickly. They are also able to fly in most weather conditions.
  • Aeroplanes also need to fly at least 200m AGL and they need be booked in advance. They are more affordable than helicopters but are still expensive. Aeroplanes need an airstrip in the area to land and take off. They cannot hover but they can fly slowly over a location, shooting out of a door is not easy and can be very limiting. They are able to fly in most weather conditions.
  • Remote controlled aircraft are susceptible to windy conditions and not able to fly in built up areas but they are able to fly at much lower levels than helicopters and aeroplanes. It is cheaper to get RC aircraft to any location, especially remote locations and you can wait for good weather conditions at no cost. You don't need permission to land anywhere and dont need airstrips or landing areas.
  • We offer all of the above options, please get in touch with us if you would like to know more.


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